“Beastly” Teaser Trailer Review: A Modern Take on the Classic “Beauty and the Beast”

Beastly trailer reviewTeaser Trailer Review: From Daniel Barnz, the director of The Cutting Room, comes Beastly, a souped-up retelling of the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. The film stars Alex Pettyfer and Disney cash-cow Vanessa Hudgens and is set to be released March 4th 2011.

Pettyfer plays the attractive, smart, well-heeled Kyle Kingson, who sounds like a pretty dreamy fellow until his unadulterated dirt baggery is taken into account. As a guy whose favorite past-time is debasing his more unfortunate looking classmates, Kyle decides to hone his knack for nastiness on a Goth student named Kendra, whom he invites to a school soiree as his date. Kendra accepts Kyle’s offer, but his malevolence is quick to strike, and he ends up blowing her off. What Kyle does not know, however, is that he has just messed with the wrong gotharina. To get back at Kyle, Kendra retaliates by casting a spell that transforms him into…yep, you guessed it…a beast.

Now, the only way for Kyle to break Kendra’s spell is for him to find someone who will love him in spite of his new, hideous appearance. This task is much easier said than done, however, seeing as Kyle’s own father can’t even stand the sight of him and has him exiled to Brooklyn. As Kyle tries to come up with a solution to his ugly predicament, an opportunity arises with a drug addict,  in which Kyle assures freedom and security to him and his daughter, Lindy (Hudgens), in exchange for Lindy’s assent to live with Kyle in Brooklyn.

Beastly trailer reviewThis trailer for Beastly is only a teaser so not a lot of the film is revealed. However, the little bit that is shown is unsuccessful at capturing the viewer’s attention, unless you are a teeny-bopper for whom the universe revolves around cute boys and High School Musical. The teaser trailer starts by presenting a couple of close-up shots of Pettyer’s handsome face, followed by a quick flash of Hudgens’ adorable mug. It then cuts to Pettyer’s transformation from pretty Ken doll to bald, disfigured beast and leaves the viewer with this quote, “Who am I? I’m you at your ugliest, inside out.” In the teaser trailer, no real mood is established, nor is there any significant character elucidation. The only audience that this teaser trailer even has a chance of reaching is the members of the Twilight loving crowd who prefer their male pin-ups a little more blond and tan.

Check out the teaser trailer for Beastly below. What do you think?


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