trailer reviewsMovie trailers play a crucial role in promoting films and getting people to go to the movies. But even more than that, movie trailers have the ability to entertain and captivate audiences all on their own. Not only do movie trailers serve as their films’ principle marketing tools, they also can be viewed as little nuggets of art in their own right.

Operating as a fast-paced, mini epic, the craftsmanship that a movie trailer employs has to combine elements of cinema and advertising in such a way that the trailer leaves enough of an impression, so that when viewers are deciding how to spend their leisure time, the trailer’s images are conjured up, getting them to go see that particular movie in a theater.

The intent of Play the Previews is to both spotlight the aspects of the theater-going experience that occur before the viewing of the actual feature-length film and examine movie trailers as artistic media worthy of deconstruction.

Additionally, each Pick of the Week post seeks to recognize noteworthy newly released films, particularly those that fly under the radar of movie-goers because they are either lower-budget or independently made.


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