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Pick or Pan of the Week: “Drive Angry”

Pan Drive AngryPAN Drive AngryAn action film directed by Patrick Lussier and starring Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, and Billy Burke which tells the ridiculous story of a bad-ass grandpa from hell (it gets better) who thwarts his dance with the devil so he can return to earth in order to seek vengeance for the death of his daughter, who was slain by the members of a satanic cult. Plus, the life of the dead woman’s infant daughter is now in peril, which obviously necessitates the assistance of a hard-hitting waitress, who might as well go by Cherie McHotPants because that’s all you’re going to notice about her anyway.

With Nicolas Cage in the driver’s seat of this cinematic equivalent of a 20 car pile-up, you almost have to feel bad for the guy. His most recent films have been nothing but a heap of reel rubbish. Remember Ghost Rider, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and Season of the Witch? Cringe X 3! Then again, Cage’s ongoing string of junk yard flicks is getting so bad that it sort of makes you wonder if he might be backwardly ambitious. Perhaps he is shooting for some kind of Razzie record or has a strange, megalomaniac desire to be the champion of box-office busts.

At any rate, Drive Angry is a film that is completely devoid of substance whose primary goal appears to be racking up a hefty body count: some are mangled, some are naked, some are dead, but they are nearly all gratuitous. Don’t waste your time and money on this one.

Check out what the ReviewSTL has to say about Drive Angry. What are your thoughts?


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Pick or Pan of the Week: “I am Number Four”

I am number fourPAN I am Number FourAn action & adventure film directed by D.J. Caruso and starring Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, and Dianna Agron which tells the rather silly story of an extraordinary young man (he’s an alien) who is forced to conceal his true identity lest his coldblooded adversaries seek him out and destroy him.

First came wizards and warlocks (Harry Potter), then came vampires and werewolves (Twilight), now the latest teeny-bopper fare to be served up in the cinematic cafeteria involves Mogadorian aliens. Who knows, maybe a forbidden love affair between a mermaid and the Easter bunny will be next.

Perhaps, instead of trying to manipulate every flavor-of-the-week, Hollywood heartthrob into a magical creature, money-magnet trend, movie-makers should take a stab at getting back to producing films with more significant substance and value – just a thought.

At any rate, I am Number Four is decidedly not worth a watch.

Read what The Scorecard Review has to say about I am Number Four.

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Movie Blunders: “Star Wars”

Already having strong predispositions for nerdiness, which is not to be confused with having the “force,” it only makes sense for Star Wars aficionados to spend their free time sitting around the confines of their mothers’ basements counting up the number of Stormtrooper slip-ups  as they watch the series ad nauseam. Apparently, according to the nerds’ tally, there are over 250 Star Wars mistakes. Whoopsies! George Lucas is probably hanging his head in shame right now. Actually…he’s more likely off somewhere swimming in a pool of money…like Scrooge McDuck in Duck Tales.

Anyways, referring to Star Wars fans as “nerds,” is kind of making me out to be the pot calling the kettle black here, especially since I am guilty of having just watched more than a few Star Wars videos on YouTube and am now writing a blog entry about Obi-Wan Kenoversights (several of which are actually pretty entertaining if you check out the video below). My favorite is when the Rebel trooper, who has just been strangled to death by Darth Vader, comes back to life and shields his face from hitting the wall after Vader hurls him across the room, killing him for a second time.

What’s your favorite mistake?

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Movie Blunder: “Pirates of the Caribbean”

Unless Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl director Gore Verbinski was going for the surf n’turf look with the costuming of his extras, I’m calling MOVIE BLUNDER on him. In the film, just as Johnny Depp’s character, Jack Sparrow, says the line, “On deck, you scabrous dogs,” at the far left edge of the screen, just over Depp’s shoulder, a crew member can be seen wearing a white T-shirt, sunglasses, and a cowboy hat…oopsies.

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