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Pick or Pan of the Week: “Insidious”

PAN InsidiousPAN InsidiousA horror film directed by James Wan, starring Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson, and Ty Simpkins, which tells the tale of happy couple Josh and Renai who have just moved into a new house with their litter of kiddies. Unfortunately for the fam clan, however, their new casa has been totally Casperized and not so much in the cute, friendly way. The freaky, supernatural happenings going on with Josh and Renai’s family are much more up the alley of Poltergeist, and funny I should mention Poltergeist because Insidious basically thieved its plot.

Insidious brings nothing new to the table. It is essentially just a smorgasbord of every known ghost cliché, including creaking stairs, ghouls in the mirror, and psychics. But the saddest part is, even though Insidious hits its audience with every scare tactic known to man, the film does so in a way that you nearly always know it’s coming, and by the end of the film, the terror has has morphed into sheer sillinesss.

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Pick or Pan of the Week: “Red Riding Hood”

Pan Red Riding HoodPAN Red Riding HoodA horror film directed by Catherine Hardwicke and starring Amanda Seyfried, Shiloh Fernandez, and Gary Oldman which tells the tale of a young woman named Valerie (Seyfried) who is torn between the love of two men, a mysterious outsider and a wealthy family pick. Valerie’s love triangle is soon the least of her worries, however, as she learns that her older sister has been slain by a vicious werewolf who menaces the woods of her village. Up until this point, a tentative truce has been maintained between the villagers and the werewolf through monthly animal sacrifices, but after Valerie’s murder, the village gloves come off, and a famed werewolf hunter is called upon to seek vengeance. The kicker of the story is that by day the werewolf takes on human form, SO…he could be any one of the villagers…dun dun dun.

In essence, Red Riding Hood is a  hybrid between the Twilight movies and the Grimm’s fairytale classic, which huffs and puffs but fails to rouse even a single goose-bump, never mind any genuine scares (and yes, I realize that the huffing and puffing was done by the 3 Little Pigs wolf and not the Little Red Riding Hood wolf, but it’s all canis lupis-related). In any case, you’re likely to experience a lot more excitement by visiting your actual grandma than you will by watching this banal, teen soap opera. Pass.

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