Golden Trailer Awards

To honor excellence in feature-length film making, there are scores of awards to be won and ways to be honored. There are the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the film festivals, like Cannes and Sundance, and numerous international versions of the aforementioned awards, including the Césars (France) and the David di Donatello Awards (Italy).

So, with the copious amount of hoopla surrounding feature-length films, it seems only fair that there be some accolades tendered out to the feature film previews as well. After all, movie trailers play a pivotal role in getting us to watch feature-length films in the first place, and time and again, we appraise the trailer as being the most engaging part of the movie-going experience.

With that said, the Golden Trailer Awards (GTA) is the annual, open competition that pays homage to the unique form of art and craftsmanship that is evidenced by movie trailers, which entails an expert fusion of cinematic elements and advertising.

The Golden Trailer Awards is a 90 minute presentation that is comprised of 16 categories, ranging from Best Drama to the Golden Fleece. The GTA just wrapped up its twelfth season on June 29th at the Music Box Theater in Los Angeles, CA. For a complete list of all the winners and nominees, go to

Check out the trailer for GTA12 Best in Show winner The Social Network “Trailer #2.” What do you think?

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