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“Eichmann” Trailer Review: The Stirring Tale of a Super Villain

Eichmann trailer reviewTrailer Review: “Husband, father, soldier, monster,” Adolf Eichmann was a member of the Austrian Nazi party and is sometimes referred to as “the architect of the Holocaust.” Directed by Robert W. Young, the new film, Eichmann, is based on the final confession made by Eichmann before his execution in Israel on the May 31, 1962.

After World War II, Adolf Eichmann fraudulently obtains a laissez-passer travel document from the International Red Cross, which he then uses to flee to Argentina. Fifteen years later, the world’s most wanted man is eventually captured by Israeli intelligence operatives. Eichmann’s interrogations are conducted primarily by a young Israeli police officer by the name of Captain Anver Less. In the struggle to divulge the exactitude of Eichmann’s role in the Third Reich, a powerful battle of wills ensues between him and the captain–the outcome of which will profoundly affect the state of Israel.

In the trailer, Eichmann’s character is firmly established as that of a super villain. It is accomplished in a way, though, that almost causes the texture of the film to feel more like a graphic novel. From the character’s costumes to the environmental backdrops, the colors that are utilized in the film areEichmann trailer review mostly grays and sepias, conveying the impression of dinginess. In the trailer, however, there are frequent, episodic punctuations of sensational text set across lurid, red stripes, which, when contrasted with the film’s drab coloring, cause the film’s melodrama to be hyperbolized, especially when paired with bold sound effects and a dramatic score.

Eichmann stars Thomas Kretschmann, Troy Garity, Franka Potente and Stephen Fry. Aside from a motley mash of imprecise, foreign accents, the acting, as evinced in the trailer, appears to be very intense and stirring. Thomas Kretschmann looks especially good as the title character, playing the role of the evasive interrogatee with a chilling stoicism and just a hint of wryness.

Check out the trailer for Eichmann below. What do you think?

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