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Pick or Pan of the Week: “Meek’s Cutoff”

Meek's CutoffPICK Meek’s Cutoff A dramatic western directed by Kelly Reichardt, starring Michelle Williams, Bruce Greenwood, and Will Patton which portrays the meditative story of three families who enlist the help of Stephen Meek, a bearded mountain man, to guide their wagon train across the Cascade Mountains. Meek, however, proves an unreliable leader, getting the travelers lost and putting their survival skills to the test. When the group encounters a Native American drifter, they must choose between continuing to follow the grizzly Meek and putting their trust into a man who has always been viewed as a natural foe.

With Meek’s Cutoff, Reichardt creates an austere, minimalist kind of film that packs poignancy and grip into the most minute details. The landscape, which is more so the focus than are the characters, is both visually and emotionally harsh, creating a haunting, surreal atmosphere that audiences will be able to really lose themselves in.

Check out what Rope Of Silicon has to say about Meek’s Cutoff. What do you think?


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Pick or Pan of the Week: “Blue Valentine”

Blue Valentine pickPICK Blue Valentine – A romantic drama directed by Derek Cianfrace and starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams which painfully charts the progression of a marriage on the rocks that probably never should have been attempted.

At first glance, Blue Valentine seems to be your run-of-the-mill indie drama; it’s ultra depressive and about damaged love. However, with dynamite performances from both Gosling and Williams and compassionate directing from Cianfrance,  this indie heart-breaker is able to transcend to the next level. Melancholy and broken it is for sure, but Blue Valentine makes acute observations about the characters’ struggling marriage and fluently depicts the roles that class and class values play in the characters’ relationship without coming across as being too piteous.

“An intensely intimate rendering of love that limits itself to that first falling in and that last falling out.” ~Betsey Sharkey

Full Review – Los Angeles Times

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