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Pick or Pan of the Week: “No Strings Attached”

Pan No Strings AttachedPAN No Strings AttachedA rom-com directed by Ivan Reitman and starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher which tells the tale of two life-long friends, Emma and Adam, who risk spoiling their friendship by knockin’ boots one morning. So, to preserve their friendship, the randy twosome decides to make a string-free, relationship pact, meaning ixnay on all of the jealousy, fighting, mushy-gushy gifties, and ehem, baby talk…definitely no baby talk allowed, only sex.

Now, the obvious question with this set-up is can two people really have sex without love or “feelings” getting in the way? Well, since most rom-coms are generally not known for things like unpredictability or deviation from the norm, let’s just say that No Strings Attached is on a pretty short, genre leash. There are no strings or surprise endings attached with this one. However, the actors are super likable, and they are all very nice to look at. So, if you are a fan of likable, good-looking things, then you might still be able to get something out of  No Strings Attached.

“This is a movie that introduces a very provocative idea, only to progressively water it down until the audience is left with a generic romantic comedy virtually indistinguishable from all the other generic romantic comedies.” ~Mike McGranaghan

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