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Pick or Pan of the Week: “The Roommate”

The RoommatePAN The RoommateA psychological thriller directed by Christian E. Christiansen and starring Leighton Meester and Linka Kelly which tells the story of a deranged college student named Rebecca who develops a bloodthirsty obsession with her roommate, Sarah. The film also swanks sub-plots featuring a super creepy professor, a persistent ex-boyfriend, and an Adonis bed buddy.

Well, first thing’s first; when it comes to originality, The Roommate scores a big, fat goose egg because guess what Mr. Christiansen?  Single White Female just called, and she wants her plot back. Plus, the film is just downright boring. Sitting in the theater, you find yourself almost wishing for someone’s cell phone to go off just to break up the film’s monotony. The most hair-raising scene involves a belly-button. And trust me, the umbilical unease won’t have you anywhere near the edge of your seat.

“What’s most memorable about this plodding thriller are the copious amounts of foundation and lip gloss.” ~ John P. McCarthy

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