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Golden Trailer Nominees – Get ’em While They’re Hot!

The nominations for the 12th Annual Golden Trailer Awards are out…tah-daaah!

Best Action:

Inception “Control

Sucker Punch “Trailer”

The Town “This Side”

Best Animation/Family

Cars 2 “Spies Are Us”

Gnomeo & Juliet

Hop “Battle For Easter”

Rango “Teaser

Best Comedy

Bad Teacher “Hot for Teacher”

The Hangover Part II “Trailer #3

The Other Guys “Return to Glory”

Paul “Trailer”

Best Documentary


Life in a Day “Best Day Ever Trailer”

Running America

The Tillman Story “Trailer#1

Best Drama

127 Hours 

Hereafter “Connection”

The King’s Speech

The Social Network “Domestic  Trailer#2”

Best Horror

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark “Whisper”

The Last Exorcism 

Let Me In “More”

The Rite “Proof

Best Independent Trailer

It’s Kind of a Funny Story 

Martha Marcy May Marlene “Can’t Wait”

Tree of Life

Winter’s Bone

Best Music 

Battle: Los Angeles “Prepare

Rabbit Hole “Trailer1A”

The Social Network “Trailer 2”

Sucker Punch “Trailer”

Best Romance


Blue Valentine “Trailer 1”

Love and Other Drugs “Match Trailer”

Somethings Borrowed “Best Things”

Best Thriller

Black Swan 

Buried “Trailer1A”


Unknown “Puzzle”

Best Video Game Trailer

Crysis 2  “Launch Trailer

End of Nations “Backstory Trailer”

Prototype 2 “Maker”

Starcraft II “Prepare”

The Don LaFontaine Award for Best Voice Over

Biutiful “Int’l Trailer

Born To Be Wild “Evolution”

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc Sec “UK Trailer”

Tangled “Flynn’s Story”

Golden Fleece

Burlesque “Make a Start”

Faster “Int’l Trailer B”

Stone “Trailer

The Tourist “Domestic Trailer”

Most Original

Battle: Los Angeles “Prepare”

Buried “Trailer 1A

The Social Network “Domestic Trailer #2”

Tree of Life

Summer 2011 Blockbuster

Cowboys & Aliens “Domestic Trailer”

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 “Jack”

Super 8

Transformers: Dark of the Moon “Alien Secret”

Trashiest Trailer

F “UK Trailer

Hobo With A Shotgun “Red Band”

Machete “Machete Int’l Trailer B”

Piranha 3D “2Million Years”

The 2011 Golden Trailer Awards will be held on June 29th, 8 pm, at the Los Angeles Music Box. To view the complete listing of all the nominees, visit the official site of the Golden Trailer Awards. Who are you rooting for?


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“Wonderful World” Trailer Review: A Delightful Dose of Cynicism

Wonderful World Trailer Review: Ben Singer would appreciate this Woody Allen quote: “I don’t see the glass as half empty. I see it as half full—of poison.” For Ben, the protagonist of director Josh Goldin’s debut feature, Wonderful World, life isn’t exactly rainbows and butterflies. Rather, Ben sees the world as a place of “terrorism, atomic bombs and Genocide of mythic proportions.”

Mathew Broderick co-stars with Sanaa Lathan and Philip Baker Hall in this bittersweet comedy about a cynical killjoy who rediscovers his relish for humanity through his family, friends, and tête-à-têtes with his imaginary confidant, “The Man.”

Ben Singer (Broderick) isn’t the kind of guy who’s got the world on a string. He’s a divorced, every-other-weekend dad and a failed children’s folk singer who has recently added unemployed proofreader to his resume of gloom. The only consolations that Ben has in his life are smoking pot by his lonesome and playing chess with his Senegalese roommate, Ibou (Michael Kenneth Williams). That is, however, until Ibou suddenly falls ill. This is the turning point of the film when the plot wheels are really set into motion. At this point, Ben begins a psychedelic relationship with a guru-like being who refers to himself as “The Man” (Baker Hall), and Ibou’s earthily sexy sister (Lathan) arrives from Senegal and moves into Ben’s apartment.

Wonderful WorldInstead of employing narration from a thunder-throated voice-over artist, the trailer for Wonderful World chooses to use the accessible intonation of Matthew Broderick himself to establish personality and premise. This choice, in addition to the subtle and very charming acoustic guitar being played in the background, give the trailer for Wonderful World an inviting, homey quality, much like chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven, which transcend Ben’s paramount pessimism.

Wonderful World appears to be the kind of film that, if it is not careful, could easily slip into a mawkish quagmire of sentimental muck. Yet, based on what is evinced in the trailer, it seems that there may be a few plot twists and turns that will hopefully keep the film grounded so as to prevent the viewer from gagging on too many sugar-coated life lessons. Plus, Matthew Broderick appears set to deliver an altogether captivating performance – eliciting just the right amount of edginess – thus allowing the viewer to empathize with his character without having him be entirely agreeable.

Check out the trailer for Wonderful World below. What do you think?

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Movie Fun Fact: Clark Gable has a Potty Mouth

Gone With The Wind producers were fined 5,000 dollars for permitting the word “damn” to be heard in the film’s dialog. Although the fine may have been annoying at the time, I’ve got to say that I’m pretty thankful for the foul-mouth screen writing because, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a hoot!” somehow just doesn’t have the same bite to it.

What lines do you think the producers could have gone with to save a buck?

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Pick or Pan of the Week: “White Material”

trailer reviewsPICK White MaterialA French drama directed by Claire Denis and starring Isabelle Huppert which tells the arresting tale of a daring woman who is trying to run her family’s coffee plantation in an African country that is being ravaged by violent civil strife. White Material is a powerful and engrossing film with a stunning performance from one of France’s most respected actresses.

“A striking film filled with images that sometimes reveal their full meaning only when their beauty curdles in the chain of signification.” ~Manohla Dargis

The New York Times – full review

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“Air Doll” Trailer Review: A Japanese Pinocchio with a Twist of Eroticism

Air Doll Trailer ReviewTrailer Review: We abide Splenda instead of sugar, Wii instead of athletics, texts instead of conversations, and sometimes even fantasy dolls instead of real human contact. From director Hirokazo Koreeda, Air Doll is the Pinocchio-esque urban fairytale of an inflatable sex-doll come to life that examines the aching melancholy of living in a materialistic society that promotes quick-fix substitutions and disposability. The film stars Bae Doona, Arata, and Itao Itsuji.

Based on a 20-page graphic novella by manga artist Yoshiie Gouda, Air Doll explores themes of loneliness, love, and what it means to be human. Hideo (Itsuji) is a middle-aged waiter who is living a seemingly content and fulfilled life with Nozomi. The couple is very much a part of each other’s lives, eating together, having conversations, and making love. The only thing is Nozomi is actually a blow-up fantasy doll. That is until one day, Nozumi magically develops a heart and morphs into a real woman (Doona). With child-like innocence, the newly humanized Nozomi toddles around her neighborhood imitating the vocalizations and behavior patterns of the people she meets until she lands herself a job at a local video store where she falls in love with her co-worker, Junichi (Arata).

Air DollThe trailer for Air Doll uses very little dialogue, relying instead on beautiful images that move like an ethereal kaleidoscope. Set to a haunting, dream-like score, the trailer rhythmically blinks from one instance of existential loneliness to another.  Sitting next to an old man on a bench, a doe-eyed Nozumi tells him that she is empty inside,  to which he responds, “These days, everybody is.” The trailer then evidences several gleaming moments of joy through togetherness. There is a shot of Junichi resuscitating Nozumi by blowing into her belly after she has been deflated while the voice-over of Nozumi recites the quotation, “Life contains its own absence, which only another can fulfill.”

Based on what is shown in the trailer, it appears that Air Doll has lofty aims as far as its thematic content is concerned. It remains to be seen, however, as to whether the full-length feature will be able to transcend superficial cookie-cutterness to really give Air Doll a pulse and achieve any weighty significance.


Check out the trailer for Air Doll below. What do you think?

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Movie Blunder: “Pirates of the Caribbean”

Unless Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl director Gore Verbinski was going for the surf n’turf look with the costuming of his extras, I’m calling MOVIE BLUNDER on him. In the film, just as Johnny Depp’s character, Jack Sparrow, says the line, “On deck, you scabrous dogs,” at the far left edge of the screen, just over Depp’s shoulder, a crew member can be seen wearing a white T-shirt, sunglasses, and a cowboy hat…oopsies.

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“The White Ribbon” Trailer Review: A Children of the Corn-Nazi Hybrid

The White Ribbon trailer reviewTrailer Review: As the 2009 winner of the Palm D’Or Award at the Cannes Film Festival, The White Ribbon is the latest film from the envelope-pushing, Austrian director Michael Haneke. Set in rural Germany in the months just prior to the First World War, The White Ribbon is an arresting tale that propounds fascinating questions concerning the ecosystem of violence and the roots of Nazism.

Shot in glacial black and white, the film explores the quiet lives of austere, German villagers living in a feudal society, who have recently been plagued by a series of inexplicable atrocities. From unsettled beatings to arcane suicides, as the film progresses, the incidents become increasingly disturbing, and it is implicated that the village children may be the perpetrators of the mysterious crimes.

The trailer opens with a troubled, young girl pacing around the perimeter of an oppressive sitting room, while the detached voice of a narrator eerily poses questions concerning four specific instances of malice. With The White Ribbon, the trailer’s main purpose is mood setting, and from the opening sequence, a palpable sense of unease and impending doom is firmly established, giving rise to a perturbed, suffocating feeling – kind of like being inside a coffin.

The White Ribbon

Several seemingly buoyant scenes are interspersed into the trailer, like a quick shot of a smiling, little towhead ascending the steps of a church and a clip of a children’s choir singing in a church. Yet, rather than serving to add a little milk to this double shot of espresso kind of film, these ostensibly blissful instances give the film a distinct “Children of the Corn” flavor.

Religion appears to be a central theme of this film, but living in a repressed patriarchal society, the roles of God and father figure are amalgamated. This generates a societal structure where absolutism is taught as an ideal that accordingly plants the seeds for terrorism against anyone who does not comply with the same dogma. The trailer does a shrewd job of setting up The White Ribbon to play as a claustrophobic anti-fairytale where innocence and virtue serve as a façade to cover the underlying layers of lurking malevolence.

Rated R

Check out the trailer for The White Ribbon. What do you think?

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